St. Petersburg, Russia has been known for many years as a popularly accepted center of the world's finest sculptors and painters of military miniatures.

Within many years already art studio “Russian Painter” unites the best specialists of Saint- Petersburg in creating of the tin military historical miniatures. This is a collective of the talented sculptors, artist painters and assemblers that are high class specialists in their own provinces.

Special attention is given to the creative approach of the sculptors and artist painters, to the observance of the historical correctitude of the uniforms, to the fine workout of minute details, to the maximum realistic imitation of a leather, a wood, a textile, a metal. All miniatures that are created by our studio have a good anatomy, dynamic and plastique of the movements, lively and emphatic facial expression and fine made minute details.

The scale that usually used by our craftsmen to create new figures is 1:32 (54 mm or 2,5'' height) and some miniatures size is 90 or 120 mm.

The main direction of “Russian Painter” studio activity is high quality collection handmade painting of the tin military historical miniatures: 54, 90 or 120 mm height. Our artist painters have a serious experience in the painting of both figures that are created by our studio and figures that are produced by others companies. Time shows that this factor is full of invitation for the private collectors who are interested in painting of the unpainted sculptures and kits from their own collections.

Historical age of the figures that are painted by our artist painters is wide enough: Ancient Greece and Rome, Barbarians, Celts, Vikings, Galls, Middle Ages, Old Russia, the Napoleonic wars, the American Civil War and others.

Another direction of activity of the studio is a creating of the collection dioramas. Usually it is a composition of 2-4 figures with the stand that looks like real environment (Diorama A201). The natural-looking environments are created with the help of combinations of synthetic and natural materials and mainly with our craftsmen creative approach.

We can use soldering in assembling of some parts of the figures to improve the durability. The soldering is more toilful process and we need note that the soldering can be used only at those places where it is allowably by the painting technology.

We do believe that there is no place for trifles in miniatures creation. So we pay maximum attention to each technology operation.

You can find our latest art works - figures and dioramas - in the "Gallery" and "Dioramas" sections of the site respectively. There you can see yourself the quality of our artist painting in details. The material of the figures is a tin alloy. All painting is done by hand. We use shading in the right way to accentuate the minutest details.

Wish you good luck and pleasant viewing.

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